Life Safety Systems In Construction Industry

Life safety systems are actually the certain devices that keep an eye on the building’s infrastructure to keep it safe. In the case of emergencies, life safety systems will react in a certain way to protect the building’s infrastructure as well as the life of its people.

Life safety devices can be of two types in construction industry,

  • Conventional
  • Intelligent

Conventional Devices

Conventional devices are those safety systems that become active only when they sense a certain level of abnormality.

Intelligent Systems

Some safety systems keep an active eye on the environment in and around its building. Through sensors, these intelligent systems stay active all the time and successfully detect the abnormalities in the environment. These devices will react to a certain level of tolerance.


Integrating Safety Systems Into Infrastructure

By integrating safety systems like fire alarms, smoke detectors along with proper evacuation plan for the building’s population will reduce the level of risk.

In other words, a planned set of rules in a building design with safety systems will protect the life of building as well as its population. For Example smoke detectors with a proper evacuation plan in a building for its people will reduce damages. Life safety systems merged into the design planning of infrastructure will increase the life of the infrastructure as well.

Most of the Life safety devices work in two states, which are:

  1. Normal State
  2. Change Of State

In the normal state, the device just monitors the environment and gathers data, while if the state is changed; the device will react as it is instructed to do in its configuration settings that would be like to trigger an alarm, or make a live or recorded announcement, etc.

There are certain safety systems commonly installed in the buildings now days

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Mass Notification
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Motion Detectors

How Does Life Safety System Work?

Control Panel

Intelligent life safety systems are controlled and monitored through a system known as a control panel. The control panel is the main panel that analysis the information collected by different sensors embedded in safety devices.

Control Panel observes information received from different initiating devices and sees how much other notification and announcement systems will react if a certain state of change occurs.


Control panel collects information from different type of systems likes:

  • Initiating Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Auxiliary Systems

Initiating Systems

Initiating systems are those devices that in the case of a changed state will inform quickly to the control panel. Information gathered through initiating devices like heat detectors, smoke detectors, etc. by the control panel, in a changed state will allow the control panel to activate mass notification system, or it can even trigger auxiliary devices.

Mass Notification Systems

Unlike detectors, mass notification systems are those devices that notify or announces in a certain way like the ringing of a bell or horn.

Auxiliary Systems

Auxiliary Systems are those devices that control water showers, ventilation, and door closure, in the case of fire. Auxiliary systems take its instruction similar to notification systems, from the control panel.

During the changed state an auxiliary System will react by closing doors and opening water Showers.

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